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Maumee Watershed District
Thursday, April 24, 2014
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Creating Points of Entry with Hispanic/Latino People

To be trusted by the First Generation Hispanic/Latino community.
Share Jesus Christ with them as well as learn from them about God
Create Faith Communities and Community Ministries with transformational activities (English as a Second Language, music lessons, worship experiences, etc)                                                                            
Who gets involved?:
Congregations that have
access to first generation
Hispanic/Latino people and
want to become relevant in
their lives and share the
Gospel of Jesus Christ.
How to start:
See the needs of the first generation people
Ask the church: What does God tell us about this specific group and need?
Act by creating a point of entry to connect with them and grow in trust.
For more information:  
Contact Person:
Pastor Karen Shepler  
          (419) 473 1167