Changes in the Maumee Watershed District

The Maumee Watershed District would like to Welcome the following persons who will be serving in our district!

  • Rev. H Kearns to Perrysburg First
  • Jennifer Miller to Associate Pastor at Fremont Hayes
  • Rev. Dwayne Shugert to Rossford
  • Ray Soleau - Supply to Pemberville
  • Rev. Ruth Solo to West Franklin and Pioneer
  • Jack Tibbets – Supply to Liberty Center/Colton, Wilkins & Delta Beulah
  • Rev. Melissa Steinecker – Interim appointment to Risingsun St Paul’s and Kansas

Best Wishes to all who are moving to new Districts:

  • Rev. Jesse Blevins
  • Rev. Delbert (Del) Bonar
  • Rev. Mark Gregory
  • Rev. Dave Pettengill
  • Rev. Jose Rios
  • Rev. Paula Stewart
  • Rev. Anthony Thomas

Congratulations to those who are retiring (or re-retiring):

  • Rev. Richard (Rick) Adams
  • Rev. Robert (Bob) Ball
  • Rev. Eric McGlade

We pray for blessings and quick transitions to all who are experiencing change!