VIM Henderson Settlement Work Team

Join the MWD at the Henderson Settlement this September 10 - 16.

The Experience: Being a part of a mission team can be a life changing experience.  You will experience the satisfaction of working hard to help others in the name of Jesus Christ. You will experience the joy of helping with a project or working at the settlement. You will make new friends on the team and at the settlement.You will be introduced to a community whose people are very loving and close knit, and very poor. Henderson Settlement is a part of the Red Bird Missionary Conference located in southeastern Kentucky in the town of Frakes.  The settlement serves people in the area through many programs. We typically work at a couple of different job sites renovating homes.  We will know more about the projects when we have numbers of people and amounts of project money available. 

Our Purpose:This Volunteers In Mission Work Team is a group of volunteers who share their time, talents and money for this mission.  The volunteers pay their own travel and expenses to participate in this mission experience.  They do so because they have a strong, earnest desire in their hearts to serve their neighbor.  VIM Missioners are expected to uphold a high standard of service, and to show great love, not only to those they serve, but also to those who are a part of the team.  It is required that all missioners adhere to our VIM policy share generously the light of Jesus Christ, refrain from negativism, gossip, complaining and judging of others, dress appropriately for the culture and abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and profanity from the time they leave home until their return.  This is a Maumee Watershed District and West Ohio Conference endorsed mission and meets requirements as set forth by United Methodist Volunteers in Mission.

Accomodations: We will be living in a dormitory.  Therefore we bring our own bedding, including twin sheets (long), sleeping bag or bed roll and pillow, our own towels, washcloths, soap, etc.  The beds are bunked by they can be separated as twin beds if needed.  There are about thirty people to a room with an adjoining bathroom/showers. There is a lounge area on both levels of the dorm with a kitchenette available.

You need to bring in addition to the above list: shower shoes, work clothes for a week of dirt and sweat, boots or work shoes, gloves, rain gear, jacket, and trash bags.  Please bring only modest clothing, Bibles, notebook, pencil, camera, film (if anyone still uses film :), flashlight, musical instrument (if desired), insect repellent, thermos or container for drinking water, games and puzzles if you wish. You may also want to bring some hand tools such as a hammer, saw, drills, dry wall tools, and painting supplies depending on our projects (not required).

Leadership:  Your team lead is Mary Fry. She has been leading mission teams since 2001, mostly to Mexico, but also in the states for Tornado relief and projects such as this.  Your
spiritual leader will be Pastor Scot Ocke, Maumee Watershed District Superintendant. Scot has also served on many mission teams. 

Cost: The cost of the trip to Henderson Settlement includes the following:

   $250 - room and board
   $  45 - deposit, travel costs, team fee
   $295 - total due by August 13

The Registration form is attached below.  Please fill it out and mail to Mary Fry (address located on form.)



Learn more about the Henderson Settlement, here. Or connect with Henderson Settlement on Facebook