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MWD UMM Missions:
Meals for Millions & The Hunger Relief Program:

The General Commission of United Methodist Men has joined with the Society of St. Andrew and the National Association of Conference Presidents to establish the Hunger Relief Advocate Initiative. This joint effort, (the HRA Initiative) has a goal of engaging the United Methodist Church with the underprivileged using Hunger Relief Advocates.  United Methodist Men provide leadership to this initiative using part-time HRA’s in every state in conjunction with volunteers from district and local UMMen groups.   Find more information about this initiative, here

Local Gleaning:

Gleaning dates back to Biblical times when the poverty stricken were allowed to harvest what was left behind in the fields for themselves. Today, the practice hasn’t changed, just the people who do it! Gleaning volunteers collect the produce farmers leave behind (or can’t sell) from the local area farm fields.  The volunteers then distribute it via the  SeaGate Food Bank using our truck.  We need your help! No prior gardening or farming experience necessary. If you have the desire to work outside and get dirty, or are interested in feeding the hungry, this is the mission for you.  The gleaning season is from April through November and volunteers are informed of opportunities via e-mail.  If you’re interested or would like more information, please contact Gleaning Alert Manager,bruce.homerepair [at] ( Bruce Robinson)