Henderson Settlement Work Team 2021
Monday, October 18, 2021 (All day) to Friday, October 22, 2021 (All day)

Work Camp at Frakes

The Frakes Work Camp has its base of operations at the original site where Hiram Frakes began Henderson Settlement. Although the Settlement has been able to provide many services to the community, there is still a great deal of need. The Frakes Campus is open year-round and can house up to 200 per week. There are many levels of construction, and many on campus projects waiting for you to adopt. Work Camp serves two purposes at Henderson Settlement. First, it serves as an opportunity to educate persons in mission and the needs that exist amongst the less fortunate in our society. Secondly, work camp often serves as the bridge between dreams and reality for families in need, while giving groups the opportunity to witness for Christ through home repair.


We will be living in a dormitory. Therefore, we bring our own bedding. The beds are bunked but they can be separated as twin beds if needed. There is a lounge area on both levels of the dorm with a kitchenette available.You may also want to bring some hand tools such as a hammer, saw, drills, dry wall tools, and painting supplies depending on our projects (not required). Leadership: Your Team Leaders are Carla Gillen and Kathy Bethel. Carla has been involved in missions to some degree for almost 40 years. She has served abroad and in the states. Her first mission trip was to Red Bird, so she is looking forward to returning to this area. Kathy has been involved in numerous mission trips including to Henderson, Louisiana, Texas & Washington DC. She also leads the Mission Committee at her church. Questions? Contact: Kathy Bethel 419-877-2722, bethelfam4 [at] or Carla Gillen 419-906-0776, csgillen [at]

Our Purpose

This Volunteers In Mission Work Team is a group of volunteers who share their time, talents and money for this mission. The volunteers pay their own travel and expenses to participate in this mission experience. They do so because they have a strong, earnest desire in their hearts to serve their neighbor. VIM Missioners are expected to uphold a high standard of service, and to show great love, not only to those they serve, but also to those who are a part of the team. It is required that all missioners adhere to our VIM policy share generously the light of Jesus Christ, refrain from negativism, gossip, complaining and judging of others, dress appropriately for the culture and abstain from the use of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and profanity from the time they leave home until their return. This is a Maumee Watershed District and West Ohio Conference endorsed mission and meets requirements as set forth by United Methodist Volunteers in Mission.

The Experience

Being a part of a mission team can be a life changing experience. You will experience the satisfaction of working hard to help others in the name of Jesus Christ.You will experience the joy of helping with a project or working at the settlement. You will make new friends on the team and at the settlement. You will be introduced to a community whose people are very loving & close knit & very poor.We typically work at a couple of different job sites renovating homes. We will know more about the projects when we have numbers of people and amounts of project money available.


A deposit of $25 (non-refundable) is due by August 15. The remainder of the cost ($270) is due no later than September 18. Please register online using the link below.  A participant who cancels his/her reservation after September 18 will be refunded that portion of the money (minus deposit) not paid in advance by the team coordinator. A MANDATORY orientation meeting will be held a month prior - date to be announced. Make checks payable to: Maumee Watershed District and mail to: Kathy Bethel, 6006 N. Texas St., Whitehouse, OH 43571.

Location Name: 
Henderson Settlement
Kathy Bethel
$295 - $25 Due August 15, $270 Due September 18