Leadership Development Day 2019
Saturday, January 26, 2019 - 8:30am to 2:30pm

Be Not Afraid: Hope

This year's Leadership Development Day will be held at Perrysburg Grace UMC from 8:30am-2:30pm. Keynote speaker: Joseph Bishman, Retired West Ohio Elder

Courses offered this year:

  • Childrens Ministry: You Want It, You Need It
    Opportunities and ideas for ministry to the largest mission field in the world, CHILDREN! Children are the church of today. You cannot stand back and hope they come! You must have a plan of what to do when they get there!! Parents need your help. Come alongside them and together share Jesus.
    Presented by: Rev. Eileen Hix, Children & Family Pastor Sidney First UMC
  • Fresh Expressions
    What can the church do to reach new generations?  Or de-churched generations?  What about the NONES – with no religious affiliation, making up almost 26% of America’s population? Coming from across the Atlantic, just like John Wesley from the 18th century, there are new and fresh ways of doing church designed to reach those who feel alienated or unimportant to God in the 21st century. Dinner church, Yoga, creative arts, music, empty nesters, more…Come learn the vision and strategy of Fresh Expressions and some how-to’s of reaching your previously unreachable neighbors who need Jesus.
    Presented by: Rev. Scot Ocke, MWD District Superintendent and Rev. Andrea Curry, Lead Pastor at Bowling Green Trinity UMC
  • Holy Trio
    Triad Training:  In this training you will learn how to create  a system for utilizing multiple sequential events for a collaborative initiative of witness, connection, and to raise the probability of new persons who attend returning. Participants will learn to mobilize multiple resources within the congregation into a focused initiative of invitation that prepares leaders and teams for greater more effective initiatives into the community. Those in the training will learn the key stages of a Triad: The Splash, Invite them back & The Main Event.
    Presented by Rev. Joe Bishman - Keynote speaker
  • Lay Servant Ministry
    Lay Servant Ministry is our United Methodist system for lay leadership development, with three categories for laypersons to become developed, prepared, and engaged principled Christian Leaders.  See how the Lay Servant Ministries can be a blessing to you and your church, either from an individual or a  pastor’s perspective.  Learn details of the process and ongoing education needed to continue your ministry. 
    Presented by: Rev. Rae Lynn Schleif, MWD Assistant to the D.S. and Michelle Robinson, MWD Administrative Assistant
  • Mission Fufillment
    Faith-based organizations are part of everycommunity, often providing resources and serving as anchors for neighborhoods. This workshop provides a unique experience for participants to learn about maximizing partnerships. Through exploring the city-wide initiative within Toledo Public Schools, participants will learn about district infrastructure, alignment among priorities, the creation of shared goals, celebration of successes, and outcome measures. Strong partnerships are necessary for success. Consider opening the door to partnerships.
    Presented by: Tiffany Ways, MSW, LISW-S Community Hub Director – Reynolds Elementary and TheUniversity Church
  • The Stranger Among Us
    This interactive learning session will examine myths and truths of immigration law and policies and how we can respond as people of faith to the least of these among us. 
    Presented by: Rev. Scott Hicks who has been an immigration attorney since 1995 and is also a pastor, currently serving in Oregonia UMC in the ORV District
  • Way Forward Presentation
    This session will provide an updated report of the Commission on A Way Forward.  As most of you know the Commission’s report consisting of information on three main plans has been submitted to the Council of Bishops.  The COB has recommended one of the plans to be adopted by the Special Session of the General Conference which will be convened in St. Louis from February 23 - February 26, 2019.  We will review all three plans as well as look at some of the petitions that have been submitted to the General Conference. 
    Presented by: Chris Steiner, a lay delegate to the General Conference from the Maumee Watershed District
  • Worship for smaller churches
    One of the most important things pastors do each week is lead worship!  These services may look differently in style, content, time or location, but there are a few components essential for those attending to be connected to the heart of God!  Many of these elements are free, don’t require special equipment, are easily accessible and are at our fingertips.  During this session we will look at what it takes to authentically worship God for the smaller member churches.  We will explore the various resources available and discuss the struggles and difficulties in putting together a memorable worship service where people can connect with the heart of God!
    Presented by: Rev Max Ulderich, lead pastor ofGibsonburg Faith & Gibsonburg Trinity UMC

Cost to attend is $10 and includes:

  • Lunch
  • 2 workshops (one morning, one afternoon)
  • Keynote address

Registration closes Tuesday, January 22 at 12 noon! Click here to register.

Location Name: 
Perrysburg Grace UMC
Michelle Robinson
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