Chasing Hope: An Opioid Awareness Film

We are certainly aware of the enormous opioid problem in our country and in our very District.  We are at an all-time high for overdoses and deaths due to prescription meds, heroin and related drug abuses. While we see this on the news almost every day, many of us are still convinced , ‘This could never be anyone in our family…’  ‘Our neighborhood or school is not like this…’  ‘My kids are good kids and would never be involved…’   Yet, many receive word each day that their grandchild, neighbor, schoolmate, etc. has met this terrible fate.

Spring Green Educational Foundation has produced a video called, “Chasing Hope”.  It has been created by some friends of mine, Kerry and Amy Clark,  along with others, who are using family foundation monies to produce these videos and have them utilized by our schools. I have personally seen “Chasing Hope” at the Maumee Indoor Theater and it is excellent.  It contains data and evidence and symptoms we all need to be aware of.  It has intense testimonies of people who have been in this situation, how their lives have dramatically changed for the worse and how they have lived to survive and tell others about it.   it is highly informative and motivating.

D.S. Scot Ocke has secured permission for our churches to show the movie “Chasing Hope” in our churches / organizations free of charge. One idea I have for building awareness is to show this video in a worship service.  It is 38 minutes long.  Imaging carving out one Sunday to make your people aware of this pandemic.  Your worship service might look like:

  • Prelude, Announcements, Welcome
  • Hymn of Praise
  • Time of Prayer
  • Offering
  • Scripture (I might suggest Jesus words from John 8:31-2
    ​‘… you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.’
  • The movie “Chasing Hope”
  • Encouragement to engage in a study session with Chasing Hope Study Guide

The link below is the ‘Chasing Hope’ webpage and the ability to download the Discussion Guide.

          (Discussion guide toward bottom of page)

Please letsocke [at] ( D.S. Scot Ocke )know if you have any questions and the feedback of showing the movie in your church. It is our prayer the Church would be involved in this great endeavor of opioid awareness along with saving and changing the lives of many.