District Mission Trip to Houston, TX

The Maumee Watershed District is hosting a Volunteer in Mission, Early Response Team trip to Houston, Texas April 7-13.  We are going to Houston to assist with Hurricane Harvey clean-up and rebuild.  We are inviting anyone from the district who wants to be in mission with Rev. Scot Ocke and Rev. Rae Lynn Schleif to e-mail Rae Lynn rschleif [at] and let her know that you are “in!”  The final day to sign up for this mission trip is Wednesday, February 28. 

The cost of the mission trip is from $500-$700.  This guesstimate range. We have heard back from the Disaster Relief Director and we will be housed in a local church, so the price has dropped.  We still don’t know about cooking our own meals, which is the reason for the price still being completely confirmed.  The price includes; air travel to Texas, van rental and gas for transportation while in Houston, meals, water, and other incidental items.  We are working with the ERT-VIM leaders in the Texas Annual Conference and as we have more details, we will share those.