Friendly Center Executive Director Appointment

Dear colleagues,

I am happy to announce that Rev. Mary Sullivan has been appointed as the new Executive Director of the Friendly Center.  This is a part time extension appointment and she will continue to serve part time as the pastor of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Toledo, where she is in her tenth year of serving.

Pastor Sullivan has been immersed in urban ministry most of her career.  She also brings the strength and compassion to witness in such an environment.  She earned a bachelor’s of fine arts degree at Ohio Northern University, and her Masters of Divinity at Methodist Theological School in Delaware, Ohio. 

You need to know the Friendly Center is not what it once was.  Changes in leadership and economic resources have taken their toll on the Center.  However, the Friendly Center is not yet what it shall be.  God still needs our United Methodist presence in the poorest zip code of Toledo.  People are hungry not only for food, but hungry for the Gospel.  They need education and love and a chance to make a new life for themselves and their families.    As Bishop Palmer has reminded us in the narrative of the Feeding of the 5000, Jesus instructs his disciples not to send the masses away, but… “you give them something to eat.’” When we share what we have with Jesus, a miracle is in the making. 

So – I’m asking you to consider supporting the Friendly Center in several ways:

  • Be in prayer for Pastor Mary and the Friendly Center
  • If you take up special offerings at Thanksgiving or Christmas, consider directing those financial gifts to the Friendly Center.
  • The Friendly Center and St. Paul’s United Methodist are combining for a Christmas Store on December 16th where parents can shop for their children.  This is a grand opportunity to send gifts or money to the Center and adopt some children or families - which many of us already do. Revmarys67 [at] (Email) Pastor Mary has the details!
  • Consider an outright gift to the Friendly Center.  We are hoping our friends will cumulatively gift us $25,000 by this year end, which will provide for several of our ministries along with our hot meals and food bank ministries for 2018. 

Thank you for the grace that sustains all our ministries. 

Yours in Christ,
Rev. Scot Ocke
District Superintendent