SoSA The Advance

I’m excited to let you know about a new feature that Mike Hickcox has added to our website to assist congregations and individuals wishing to give to SoSA through UMCOR/The Advance! (all lowercase on the umc) automatically redirects to the SoSA Donate page on the UMCOR/Advance website.

The purpose of this feature is to offer an easy-to-remember link that saves a lot of steps ... folks who want to give through The Advance go directly to the right page for doing so.

Online gifts through The Advance offer advantages for donors as well as for SoSA:

- Gifts are credited to the congregation (or in the case of individual donors, to the individual’s congregation.) They count as “extra mile” mission giving to the United Methodist Church, so they show up on Charge Conference reports, making pastors and District Superintendents happy.

- SoSA receives 100% of the amount given by the congregation or individual. The Advance handles all credit card processing fees, saving SoSA up to 3% on each transaction.

- SoSA also receives a detailed accounting, showing the source of each donation, so that your region receives credit for gifts made by congregations or individuals in your region, and so you can create personal connections with those congregations and individuals.

From Big Island, we  will begin promoting the link in a mailing we are sending to Advance donors about #GivingTuesday. (The Advance is again offering a dollar-for-dollar match for qualifying gifts on #Giving Tuesday, December 1.)

The link is a permanent one, so when you speak to Missions/Outreach Committees at United Methodist Churches, to UMW or UMM groups, or to United Methodist congregations, you can mention the link, tell them why its great to give through The Advance, and invite them to bookmark it on their mobile phones.

Give a holler if you have any questions about what the link does or why it’s useful for us!