Toledo Campus Ministry Celebrates 50 Years of Ministry

Over 100 people gathered to Re-connect, Re-envision and Re-commit to Toledo Campus Ministry (TCM) as the group celebrated 50 years of ministry in September. Rev. Dee Baker, Executive Director Emeritus, reminded the gathered of the four pillars of TCM: 1) God is a God of Love; 2) All People are sacred creations, worthy of respect; 3) Jesus Christ is the Way, our example for life and faith in this world; and 4) the Holy Spirit is the Presence of the Risen Christ among us - a guiding and sustaining force in our lives. The president of the student fellowship, Jai Harvey, illustrated how welcoming and hospitable the fellowship is as she recounted her introduction to TCM just one and a half years ago on Easter Sunday. She felt accepted right away and quickly this community became her family. Rev. David Montgomery, current Executive Director, concluded the remarks by inviting everyone's continued participation for the next 50 years as TCM continues "building a community of progressive, inquisitive, non-judgmental college students who are seeking an authentic, deep, faithful Christian life. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the next 50 years!"