United Methodist Men Update

UMMen 2016 Love Packages Update:

The West Ohio Conference United Methodist Men Love Packages Mission project will now include collecting empty prescription pill bottles.  Peel off any personal information, and turn in with other Love Package items. The bottles will be donated to Mathew 25 Ministries in Cincinnati. Or you can drop them off.

Love Packages Update for year 2015
Testimony from Ghana:

I have received the wonderful small New Testaments today. I plan to send them to prisoners in Nigeria (they number 74 in this prison) and were prisoned from 1987 for preaching the Gospel and have not been allowed to see their family. The New Testaments are small and they can take it to the fields in their pockets when going out to work in the fields. They have received 35 full Bibles but their guard who is preaching to them said that they would prefer small pocket size ones because they can carry it all over the place with them to read when having a break.

Testimony from India:

By the grace of God and through all of your mighty prayers and generous support we are able to do ministry with a vision to reap harvest of souls daily for the kingdom of God. Our evangelism team is working nonstop to take the literature to reach the people who never heard of Christ even one time in their life. We are so glad and blessed to be the first missionary to a lot of villages. Taking Gospel through literature, outreach meetings, and through media by showing Christ film that you gave us.

Love Package Distribution from 2015 is attached below.

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