Watkins Scholarship Fund

Have you ever wanted to go on a mission trip, but came up short financially?

Many churches have money set aside for such a purpose, but I’d like to share what my family started 14 years ago, the Watkins Mission Scholarship Fund. This was started to honor my Grandparents, Richard and Evelyn Watkins. Throughout their life together, my grandparents served and led countless mission trips and loved getting others involved. So at my grandparents' retirement, my mother and her siblings presented them with the gift of establishing a scholarship fund, a way to spread their love of missions to others. Anyone in the district or a local church participating in their first mission trip can apply for a scholarship through the Maumee Watershed District. When I decided to write about this I reached out to Rae Lynn Schleif, who helped my mother and Aunt establish this fund. Through her I was connected to Pastor Jeremiah Diegel, whose members received scholarship funds to go to Henderson KY in June. My family was invited to attend the service at Christ United Methodist Church, where the mission members shared their experiences. One expectation of receiving the scholarship, is that each recipient will share their testimony of their mission trip experience with a church group that they choose. It was a beautiful gift to hear from teenagers and adults who fell in love with serving God like this. They saw God in lessons learned through the work they did, in overcoming fears, and in meeting new friends. I could tell that everyone who went on the mission trip grew closer to God, a legacy for which my grandparents would be grateful. As someone who has long been “bitten” by the Mission bug, (it runs in the family) I was humbled and blessed to hear their stories. Anyone who has never been on a mission trip can apply for a scholarship.  And anyone is welcome to contribute to the Watkins Mission Scholarship fund through the Maumee Watershed District. Please consider adding this to your giving, thank you.

Ileah Gutierrez, a grateful granddaughter