Self-Profile Forms

    Who should complete the Pastor Self-Profile?

    1. All pastors who have not submitted a profile in the last two years.
    2. All pastors who need to updated their profile since the last year submitted.  

    Here are the options for completing the form:

    PREFFERED: Submit an Online Pastor Self-Profile - Log in required 

    This link is available any time and requires that you log in using your West Ohio username and password in order to access your personal Pastor Self-Profile. This may ONLY be completed by the pastor and can be electronically signed by the pastor. 

    OPTIONAL: Download a paper form  

    The paper form is available as either a PDF or MS Word document. If you choose to complete the paper form please send the signed form to your district office when complete. 

    NOTE: Completing this form does not indicate that you desire a move, nor does it mean that the cabinet intends to move you. It simply gives the Cabinet quickly assessable data as they prayerfully seek to make the best appointments possible for both pastors and churches.


    Who should complete the Church Self-Profile?

    1. SPRC chairs and/or
    2. Ad Council chairs


    1. Click here.
    2. Log in*
    3. Select "My Church" option on left menu
    4. Select "Annual Reporting" tab on burgudy menu in middle of page
    5. Select "Church self-profile" drop down
    6. Fill out form & send back to District Office. 

    *Please note: If the SPRC Chair/Ad Council chair have not logged in to the WOC website before, they will need to create a log in ID and password.  They should use the same email as we have on record for them so that when they create their login the system will tie that login to their account, which already holds their permissions to complete the church self-profile.  If they aren’t able to access the church self-profile after logging in they will need to contact the district office because they will have created a duplicate account and the accounts will need to be merged.